COVID 19 Updates:

• We are following the CDC guidelines.
• Call-in your order ahead of time.
• Payments will only be accepted via credit / debit cards. No cash.
• 2 person max in store. Masks and gloves must be worn to enter.
• "Dinner for 4" specials will also be posted daily.
  "Buon Amici Deli is the WILLY WONKA of SANDWICHES"
Jake Wager

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The Ada The Ada
Homemade Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Greens
The Adriana The Adriana
Fried Eggplant,Mozzarella,Roasted Peppers,Balsamic
The Cousins The Cousins
Turkey,Roast Beef,American Cheese,Lettuce,Tomato,Horseradish Sauce
The Europa The Europa
Grilled Chicken,Greens,Tomato,Honey Mustard
The Giovana The Giovana
Chicken Cutlet,Mozzarella,Roasted Peppers,Sun Dried Tomato Mayo
The Great Grill The Great Grill
Grilled Chicken,Roasted Peppers,Mozzarella,Balsamic
The Maria The Maria
Roasted Vegetables,Mozzarella,Balsamic
The Neptune The Neptune
Tuna Salad,Lettuce,Tomatoes
The Nonna The Nonna
MapleTurkey,Swiss,Lettuce,Tomato,Honey Mustard
The Popeye The Popeye
Spinach, Tomato,Red Onions,Muenster,Pear Vinaigrette
The Twist The Twist
MapleTurkey,Greens,Honey Mustard,Glazed Walnuts,Cranberries